THE AFTERMATH – An August House Group Exhibition Curated by Olwethu de Vos Copy


The Aftermath is an August House group exhibition showing at FirstRand’s Art@first pop-up exhibition space, curated by Olwethu de Vos under the Teresa Lizamore’s mentorship programme.

“The exhibition is a visual exploration of narratives of today depicted by various artists residing in August House,” says De Vos. “These narratives vary in content and visual representation such as colour, technique, style and material. However, as much as these narratives vary, they all share a common thread which is an underlying social and cultural reflection of the times that they are living in now in the contemporary landscape of Southern Africa. While we are living in a democratic country, the exhibition simultaneously manifests into a discourse of the ramifications and benefits of de-colonisation such as land rights and ownership; economic structures; cultural cultural and traditional objectification of the female and currently the man too“.

Download the digital catalogue here .