The Annihilation of Generational Slavery
“Ethiopian Woman from Masuri tribe” graffiti artist @dbongz_one an August House @quorumproperties public art collaboration curated by Kate Ballenden @jozi108. On Acess City building in Maboneng .
“I love colour and vibrancy and this is reflected in the type of art that I create, as it is usually a combo of concepts, colour, coupled with with patterns and textures, positive vibrations and pretty much attractive to the eye. Nature in it’s rawest form is a beauty and flawless and can be very inspiring to say the least, due to its forever changing colour-ways and imagery that comes forth through clouds, plants, changing seasons, the human form, etc..with my most preferred from a creative point of view being the universe and all its effects and elements, as I’m of the belief that subconsciously it’ll get across a culture of breaking boundaries and lacking limits when it comes to one’s success, growth and development, especially for the youth in the township where there’s an atmosphere filled with doubt and negativity and an unintended but existing attitude of laziness, entitlement and non belief due to a lack or of opportunities in their respective townships and so on. Over the years I’ve realised that, like even in nature, light brings colour which in turn brings about goodness and progress that gets people to be in a happy place and exude positivity, this behavior is evident even in children, in a way that kids who grow up in colourful environments, be it home, school and/or playground, tend to be more joyful and enthusiastic,as opposed to kids who are forever in dark, dull spaces.
It is for this reason that my aim is to get South Africa, Africa and the rest of the world to pop and be as vibrant and colorful as humanly possible one canvas, one wall, one street corner, one building, one township, one city, one country at a time and that’ll inevitably be translated into tranSforming one attitude, one character, one life at a time.”