In Johannesburg’s inner city lies an exclusive art building, housing more than 50 independent, pan-African contemporary artists, in private art studios, known to the locals as ‘The Artists’ Playground’.

To the outsider it’s a mere 1940s historic structure, but inside is where the magic lives, in five storeys of private art studios.

August House gives artists a unique creative hub. With its high columns, authentic architecture and large open plan floors, it’s a wonderful blend of inspiration and stillness. Once a light warehouse, August House celebrates 11 years as a well-established, local and international contemporary African artists’ community, within walking distance from the Maboneng, Arts on Main district.



A Space that fuels creativity, ignites minds, and provides inspiration through incubation and collaboration.



August House is the epicentre where proud African talent meets international convention and interest.



August House is part of the Quorum Properties group who manage the building and art studio rentals.

Kate Ballenden is August House’s marketing , art Projects and general manager under management of David Mayers, art collector and building owner.

Artists Hub

5 stories, 50 Contemporary African artists, in private Studios.

Open Studio Events

Provide an opportunity for art lovers to buy art directly from emerging South African artists.

Studio Rentals

For both emerging and established artists from across the continent in a stimulating space.


August House is a part of the Quorum Property Group